How It Works Instructional Videos

This video explains how the daytime strength exercises and the nighttime brace will combine to heal your shoulder in 40 days.  Yes, you can be shoulder pain free in 40 days! 


Here are a couple quick tips as you begin the program.

  • Do not spin as hard and fast as you can, steady works.

  • Trust the process, once a day is enough to get the muscles firing again.

  • If painful straight out, lower your hand to your waist and start there until you can raise your hand to shoulder height.

  • Stay at shoulder height for at least 10 days before going to the next heavier ball. The next ball may be back at waist height and take time to get to shoulder height.

  • With the nighttime brace, looser is better.

  • You do not want it 'pulling' on your hand, if a question go looser.