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You can eliminate shoulder pain naturally with our proven treatment method

ROTATORELIEVER™ is guaranteed to heal your shoulder pain fast.

40 million people in the United States will have shoulder pain over the course of the year and 90% of shoulder pain is caused by rotator cuff tendonitis.

There are more than 40,000 rotator cuff repair surgeries performed in the United States each year. Most people have at least a 90% chance of getting better without surgery.

The Key is Reversing the Cycle of Injury
One major problem that occurs with shoulder injuries is that people re-injure their shoulder at night. The ROTATORELIEVER™ system is unique because it treats the shoulder both day and night. Our nighttime brace (worn while you sleep) stops the damage that occurs to your shoulder during sleep. Our revolutionary daytime exercise program quickly and efficiently strengthens the rotator cuff.


Stop Dealing with Shoulder Pain


100% Money Back Guarantee
ROTATORELIEVER™ is backed by clinical research and is guaranteed to eliminate your shoulder pain. Our product makes sense, the research backs it up, the testimonials confirm. Buy ROTATORELIEVER™ and live pain free.