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Cost of Rotator Cuff Surgery

December 1st, 2012 by admin

In today’s challenging economic environment, many people have to foot the bill for some of their own costs of procedures and treatment. Many times it’s difficult to follow the dollar in medicine. Recently some researchers have put together an interesting cost analysis of rotator cuff repair, and I think it’s important for patients to know about the actual cost of the surgery prior to going in. Keep in mind that a cost of the surgery in this study which was performed through Columbia University in New York did analyze the cost of the surgery and all the associated costs and then the six month follow-up costs that included some rehab. Keep in mind it did not include any of the doctor visits and attend said physical therapy prior to the surgery. In any case, the total cost of a rotator cuff surgery averaged $12,464, a figure driven largely by physician’s fees which were on average $2,392, operating room costs average $3001, and a total per diem hospital cost average $2,122. The remainder of the costs were largely physical therapy. Again, sometimes the cost of medicine is difficult for people to track down. The other costs that this study did not take into account is wages lost. Keep in mind every, there of course, the hospital days, there’s a few days after the surgery where most people are unable to go to work, and there’s all the missed time from work in regards to the physical therapy appointments.