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The Rotatoreliever Team is proud to announce that we have advanced to Round 2 of the 13th annual McCloskey Business Competition at The Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship at the Mendoza College of Business. The McCloskey Business Plan Competition is a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded members of the Notre Dame community to come together for the purpose of fostering new business development. We are proud of our Rotatoreliever and of the positive impact it has on relieving shoulder pain and increasing quality of life.  The Rotatoreliever is a two part direct-to-consumer product that treats rotator cuff pathology both day and night.  We believe that this is the lynchpin for longstanding effective treatment and should be the first-line therapy for shoulder pain sufferers. Team Rotatoreliever is excited about moving on to Round 2 of this prestigious competition.

To learn more about this competition and the Rotatoreliever making it to the round of 12 see link below:
Started as 147 Contestants  - now down to 12 left



Business Beat S5 Dr. Mike Carroll
Originally aired on February 25th, 2013

Chris speaks with Dr. Mike Carroll, Physician/Entrepreneur, a founding partner of Creekside Clinic, LLC, a progressive primary care center in Traverse City, MI. They discuss Mike’s invention of the Rotatoreliever and how it helps shoulder pain.

listen here:

Business Beat S5 Dr. Mike Carroll



Detroit doctor’s invention helps heal shoulder pain

Chronic shoulder pain patients find relief with new invention | View Full Online Article

As seen on ABC/WJRT in Flint, Mi

Local man swears by in-home rotator cuff therapy

By Leslie Toldo
We’ve been talking about products that are made in America this week, but how about this? A Michigan invention that may make shoulder pain go away. HealthFirst reporter Leslie Toldo introduces the Traverse City doctor who invented the RotatoReliever and to a man who says it definitely helped him. It has the potential to help a lot of people. An estimated 40 million Americans have shoulder pain, and the majority of that pain is rooted in the rotator cuff. When Bruce Fraser hurt his while doing a little sledge hammer demo on his cottage up north, he knew right away what it was.

“The problem was I couldn’t sleep at night. I mean, I hurt my right shoulder and I always slept on my right side,” Fraser said. ” So I was having tremendous difficulty sleeping at night. Several relatives and, you know,  family members had torn rotator cuffs. They’re like, yup, you got all the symptoms. I know exactly what you did.”

So Bruce did what so many of us do when we come up with our own diagnosis. He started Googling, and that’s where he found the RotatoReliever. ”We found that, basically, this relatively simple, in some ways, common sense approach has been remarkably effective,” said Dr. Mike Carroll. Carroll’s invention is a two-part, 40-day, 40-night program. It starts with an apparatus worn by the patient at night to adjust arm position. ”The reason that is, is because they’re, essentially, pinching off one of the key muscles of the rotator cuff, and it doesn’t like to be pinched,” Carroll said. The rotator cuff is a group of four small muscles deep-down around your shoulder. Stopping the pressure is key to stopping the pain.

“The first night, I slept great. And when I woke up the next morning, I noticed a big difference,” Fraser said.

But that was just part one. Each day for about five minutes, Bruce did a series of exercises with the RotatorReliever equipment.”One of our goals was to be how can we get some way to strengthen the shoulder without strengthening the right muscles, the deepest muscles of the shoulder and not strengthen all the other muscles,” Carroll said.

“RotatoReliever is going to accomplish the same thing as if I went to a doctor and did a therapy. Same thing. The difference is I get to take the RotatoReliever home with me and I get to keep it,” Fraser said.



ROTATORELIEVER Featured in the South Bend Tribune

For Notre Dame grad, pain was mother of invention Device helped mend rotator cuff problem.

By TOM MOOR Tribune Staff Writer

The idea came to Dr. Michael Carroll in the middle of the night as he was tossing and turning in pain.
His right shoulder was flaring up — again — and it was costing him another good night’s rest.
In an attempt to ease some of the pain, Carroll, using his left hand, grabbed his right wrist and pulled it down along his side, which stretched his arm and helped with the pain.
He then used an elastic bandage on his wrist and tied weights on the other end to keep his arm in that position. It allowed him to comfortably fall back asleep.
“I slept in that crazy contraption all night,” said Carroll, a 1991 Notre Dame graduate who started his own family doctor practice, Creekside Clinic, in Traverse City, Mich., 10 years ago.
Hundreds of other people do it now, too. At least an updated version of it.
Carroll, 42, used that night back in 2003 as the beginning point of what would eventually lead to his invention of the Rotatoreliever, a medical device that is used to relieve and heal shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff problems.
Essentially, it is a nighttime brace with a small amount of traction, used on the side of the body where there is shoulder pain. Carroll said it releases the pinching in the tendon area of the rotator cuff.
“It keeps (your arm) down by your side,” Carroll said. “For a lot of reasons, it’s a beneficial position for the shoulder. If you have your arm in an awkward position, it cuts off the blood supply.”
Carroll said because of the position people sleep in — and the fact that many move around — shoulder pain can flare up the worst at night.
The Rotatoreliever went on the market last August, and Carroll has since sold more than 700 devices.
Carroll developed a 40-day, 40-night program for the system. After using the brace for 40 straight nights, and taking part in about four minutes of specific daily exercises using weighted balls as a strengthening device, you don’t need to use it again.

“The problem gets fixed,” he said.
Carroll said an 87-year-old client of his was in the process of having a carpenter lower her kitchen cabinets because of her shoulder pain. After three weeks of using Rotatoreliever, Carroll said, she canceled the carpentry job.

Others also swear by the device.
Gerald Hekker, of Kingston, Mich., said his shoulder was beginning to droop before he tried Rotatoreliever. ”I’d say the Rotatoreliever was a small miracle,” he said. “It took care of the pain in my shoulder with no medical intervention, no pills, no shots, nothing. It just took a little bit of exercise and wearing the Rotatoreliever at night, and my pain was gone. “Hekker said that after the 40 days were over, it was like a revelation. ”I could move, I could rotate and I could do things with both arms now.” Carroll, a history major at Notre Dame who studied medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit, said it worked immediately for him as well.”It feels great,” he said of his shoulder pain, which developed for unknown reasons years ago. “I can swim without pain. It’s just fantastic. Going through (shoulder pain), it’s amazing how exhausting and how quickly the issue of chronic pain can come.”

It took awhile to get the idea off the ground, though.
A few years ago, Carroll had a third party complete a small study consisting of 30 people with shoulder pain. Carroll said the study showed that 100 percent of the people who used the system, along with physical therapy and medication, had no more shoulder pain, while only 47 percent of people who treated the pain with physical therapy and medicine, and not the Rotatoreliever, got better.

Carroll said he presented his information in 2006 to the American College of Sports Medicine to a warm response. But several pharmaceutical companies were not as receptive, saying they couldn’t market items that go for less than $250, Carroll said.

So Carroll decided to go it alone.
“That time period gave us the opportunity to perfect the product,” he said. “You don’t need to go to the doctor. I wanted it to be the first thing people tried. It’s so easy to use.” The devices go for $129.95 and can be purchased online at Carroll offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Carroll, in the meantime, continues to work on and improve his product.
“We want this to be the first step,” said Carroll, who still returns to South Bend on occasion to catch a Fighting Irish football game. “There are 40 million Americans with shoulder pain. I’ve talked to some of these older folks who have stopped going to the doctor. But it’s not just for older folks. … We want to change the way people think about shoulder pain.”
So how does Carroll think his contraption that night seven years ago compares to his current version? “I would say the basic ideals are there, but it’s more polished for users,” he said. “It’s easier to get on and off.”

Staff writer Tom Moor: 574-235-6234



Dr. Carroll Interview on 96.3 Detroit

Listen to the interview here

Vanessa Denha recently interviewed Dr. Mike Carroll to discuss our patent pending treatment available to patients to help cure shoulder pain without surgery. “RotatoReliever” is a device available for patients with all kinds of shoulder pain due to injury or sleep habits that put strain on the shoulders.



The Ticker

Doctor Battles ‘Boomeritis’ with New Invention

Encouraged by doctors to exercise regularly, a legion of running, swimming and biking Baby Boomers are flouting the limits of the middle-aged body’s abilities and causing a number of injuries in the process.

They need treatment for cartilage and ligament damage, tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis and stress fractures. The phenomenon even has a name in medical circles: Boomeritis.

The Ticker recently talked with a Traverse City physician who suffered his own shoulder pain and came up with an innovative device to alleviate the suffering of others with shoulder problems.

Read the entire article here


The Ron Jolly Show

The Ron Jolly Show airs every Wednesday on WTCM News Talk 580 and features the story / interview of a local business owner during the “Entrepreneur Spotlight.”

Dr. Carroll, inventor of the ROTATORELIEVER was the featured entrepreneur on a recent show.

You can listen to the interview here


Traverse City Record-Eagle

“Doctor invents device after suffering his own pain”

TRAVERSE CITY — A local family medicine doctor is marketing a solution to stop shoulder pain.
Dr. Michael Carroll, who in 2005 co-founded Creekside Clinic in Traverse City, suffered from a common complaint — shoulder pain caused by problems with his rotator cuff. The doctor had trouble sleeping because of the pain. One sleepless night about six years ago, he took his arm, held it down and noticed it felt better.

“It was like my ‘Eureka’ moment,” Carroll said.

He fashioned a makeshift traction device out of bandages to keep his shoulder and arm in the position. Within days of using the system, Carroll said his pain practically vanished.

He decided to develop a brace and test it on some of his patients with shoulder pain. He made up more prototypes, commissioned research using patients of other area physicians and presented the positive findings to the American College of Sports Medicine in 2006. Carroll also worked with local physical therapists to create an exercise aid.


Read the entire article here



Family Practice News

“Nighttime Device Eases Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy”






American College of Sports Medicine National Conference

Denver, CO. Podium Presentation (click logo to read)