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The Shoulder Injury Cycle

There is a frequent pattern of injury amongst those who suffer from rotator cuff inflammation. The shoulder goes through a cycle of injury followed by healing and then the patient will have a certain period of pain-free time only to re-injure it. Soon enough, the periods of pain-free times are less and the movements that cause pain are more and the threshold for re-injuring the rotator cuff lessens.

What is going on is that the rotator cuff will become injured as it is impinged under the coracoacromial arch. The rotator cuff has a very sensitive area on its superior muscle called the supraspinatus. The rotator cuff is made up of four different muscles. 90% of the injuries originate at the supraspinatus muscle. As a person goes through years of this cycling, the rotator cuff becomes scarred; becomes less flexible; it becomes more easily torn; it becomes less subtle. In affect, this rotator cuff prematurely ages and in this cycle of injury, inflammation, healing, scar tissue, the rotator cuff at some point becomes torn. The key to treatment is to break that cycle of repeated injury to allow the rotator cuff to restore some of its flexibility to reduce some of its scar tissue. Constant re-injury needs to be avoided at all cost. It delays the healing process and contributes to scare tissue and overall decreases the range of motion.

If you have a shoulder injury, it is critical to heal it quickly and completely.

The best way to heal this is our product the Rotatoreliever.  Our nighttime brace breaks the shoulder injury cycle at night.  If you do not do this, all of the good exercises you do during the day are wasted as the key component of the rotator cuff is robbed of blood, oxygen and nutrients at night.  Our customers experience improvement in pain during the first few days.  Our daytime exercise strengthens the entire rotator cuff and over the course of 40 days and 40 nights we are able to eliminate shoulder pain. Try it, our product has a no questions asked money back guarantee.