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Family physician Traverse City, Michigan

Dr. Carroll’s Story

Inventor of the Rotator Reliever

Six years ago I was busy building my practice, a general family practice, when I continually encountered patients of all ages having problems with shoulder pain. I was amazed at the sheer number of patients with chronic shoulder discomfort.

My Own Pain

At the same time, Dr. Carroll himself was suffering from recurring shoulder pain that was limiting his daytime movement, particularly reaching. “At night, the pain was so persistent that I was unable to rest, but instead continually tossed and turned,” he recalls.

Following physical therapy and shoulder steroid injections, some temporary pain relief was realized. However, the pain remained relentless. It was during one of those restless and painful nights, seeking a comfortable sleeping position, that he grabbed his right wrist with his left hand and pulled his shoulder down.“To provide some jury rig traction through the night, I held it in that postion with an Ace bandage tied around my wrist and to the end of the bed. The ensuing response was the best my shoulder felt in some time,” notes Dr. Carroll.

Upon awakening the next morning, he experienced dramatic relief for the very first time. Continuing to put traction on his shoulder for several nights, the shoulder pain ultimately disappeared. Excited about his experience, Dr. Carroll wanted to try his discovery on several of his patients. “I formulated a basic strap system that provided some traction when attached to the leg and the wrist. My patients responded remarkably well. So at that point, I wanted to take the treatment a step further and back it with research.”