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The Beginning of the Rotator Reliever

In 2008, Dr. Carroll decided to take this treatment public. He was convinced that he could help more people who were suffering from shoulder pain by promoting the treatment system directly to consumers. “Chronic pain is exhausting, disheartening and difficult,” he notes. “Here at last is a system that I believe is a real solution to shoulder pain.”A remarkably Successful Clinical Trial has proven that it works because of a combination nighttime treatment (yes, healing while you sleep), and an effective four minute daily exercise routine that quickly and efficiently strengthens the rotator cuff.

Research and Development

He commissioned a study on the next evolution of his basic traction device, which by that time he had decided to name the RotatoReliever. The results of the study were dramatic: 100 percent of the patients who used the brace became pain free. Dr. Carroll then embarked on a process of further developing the brace and the system. He added an outstanding efficient exercise component that isolates the rotator cuff, allowing it to strengthen while not strengthening all the adjacent muscles.“The nighttime brace is a critical component of the treatment system,” he points out. “Sleep is a time to restore the body’s functions, to restore energy, and to heal wear and tear over the course of a day. When the shoulder continues to be injured at night, it is then difficult to actually improve shoulder function and relieve the shoulder pain.”